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Apply - Crunch&Sip School

 There are 6 key steps to becoming a Crunch&Sip School:

  1. Establish a Crunch&Sip Committee or include Crunch&Sip in an existing committee (e.g. Health and Wellbeing)
  2. Get the message out to students, parents, staff and the school community.
  3. Classroom teachers to establish Crunch&Sip in the classroom for a trial period of at least 5 days. This will help identify any implementation issues and guide policy development. Over 80% of classrooms and 70% of students must participate to register as a Crunch&Sip school. 
  4. Identify strategies to provide fruit, vegetables and water bottles to students who are unable to access them
  5. Formalise ongoing support through development of a Crunch&Sip policy. The Crunch&Sip policy must be endorsed by the school community (e.g. P&C, School Board)
  6. Register to become a certified Crunch&Sip school using the online form

Use the Crunch&Sip criteria checklist to see how you are going.

If you are interested in registering for Crunch&Sip outside of Western Australia, visit:


"Crunch&Sip helps teachers reinforce the healthy message.” - Crunch&Sip Teacher

Help to make it happen

Your school can seek the help of other community members to assist with implementing and providing ongoing support for Crunch&Sip such as:

  • Health professionals (e.g. dietitians, nutritionists, health promotion officers, public & community health workers, school health nurses, and health workers)
  • Education professionals (e.g. Regional Education Officers)
  • Community members (e.g. store owners, growers)

Getting the right people on board is key to making Crunch&Sip work. Choose people who are interested because of their commitment to health or education, or because of their profile in the community. 

You will already know the people in your community who may support you with Crunch&Sip. Be clear about the mutual benefits - what's in it for the school, the children and them? Research on effective partnerships show that an existing relationship, where there is 'mutual benefit' or 'shared agenda' is a great place to start. 

It is important that everyone keeps in mind the main benefits of Crunch&Sip:

  • Better education: Well-hydrated and nourished students concentrate and perform better. Their mental, physical and social function is improved. Teachers report children are happier, better behaved and more willing to learn.
  • Better health: Children with good eating habits are less likely to be overweight and have less diet-related disease as adults.